Basic Max Guide PS2

Max suits, can’t live with them can’t live without them, but today I will give you a bit of help when using them. You should expect to spend around 3800 cert points to get a decent max fitting. The max is one of the most versatile classes available because of the ability to mix AA, AV, AI and any combination in between.Max

Someone who can use the max very well won’t need to certify into the time reduction much, however I would recommend players go to at least level 8 (941 CERTS) unless you only play max then cert it fully. With the max ability slot it does depend on play style though I recommend the ammo storage canister level 4 (950 certs)*. So many times you will find yourself without ammo to shoot someone and you will have to resort to running away to find an ammo pack. For armor I think the Flak armor level 5 (900 certs) is a must have, it protects maxes from their worst enemies (c4, tank shells, grenades).

B-AATypically I do not suggest weapon fits for classes, though I will make another exception here. Maxes should get both NS-10 Bursters so that they can annihilate aircraft before they have a chance to react, plus if you use station cash to get them you will have it unlocked on all characters you have. I would suggest that you also buy the extended magazine (1000 certs for both), it gives you those extra shots to finish off an aircraft that is almost dead. I included the extended mag as a requirement because whether you get an AI weapon, AV weapon, or the AA weapon extended mags will be needed and at least 1000 cert points will be used in this regard.

When playing an Anti-air max keep in mind your goal is to kill aircraft, yes you can kill infantry with ease but it’s not terribly efficient so avoid it unless you have no choice. Try to stick to the high ground and if possible make sure your back is against a wall so you can’t get shot from behind. The high ground helps eliminate aircraft that try to bomb you at the ceiling and it gives you a better angle on the aircraft that are approaching you. Try to keep with a squad of maxes or people who can give you ammo and support from incoming infantry and tanks.

When in an Anti-vehicular max try to use cover as much as possible and only stick your head out when you know where to shoot and are ready to do so. This eliminates exposure to hostile tanks that will shred you if you are not careful. This max is also useful when assaulting other maxes although not as much as in the original Planetside.

When in an Anti-infantry max close quarters is the key, the NC’s in particular is pretty useless any more than 10 feet from an opponent so get in their face, the VS max has a mid-range though once again the closer the better, and same with the TR, they have the best ranged max, but it is extremely useful at close range. AI maxes really should be as close as possible and if you are running through the woods or in an open plain know that you are very exposed and don’t stand a chance against much of anything.

Remember you can always mix the weapons you have on each arm and that can be very beneficial, however when it comes to AA always use two, the others (AI, AV) can be mixed and more universal, but will be less overall effective. So when possible use both of each type to get a better end result.

*There is a change that will be coming to the max class that involves special abilities that will replace the ammo/charge ability slot until these abilities are available it will be difficult to say if they really are worth it, however I believe that they will be more useful than the current options available.

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  1. mcab August 29, 2014 3:35 am  Reply

    These guides are the biggest horsecrap newb advices ive ever seen. I strongly advice everybody not to follow their tips here. They didnt play the game more then 30mins evidentely!

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