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Station trading

Station trading is the lazy man’s trading. All you do is go to a major station like the ones in Jita or Dodixie and place buy orders for hundreds of items, and then sell those same items in the same station. The profit margin on this is pretty slim, usually 5-10% but it is possible to trade thousands of items a day which is what makes this profitable. This method requires billions to get started and costs lots of time updating orders because the bidding wars get very tough. In jita almost any item can be bought and resold for a profit, but the focus needs to be on turning items over quickly because that’s where the money is. Most items don’t have a huge individual profit, but because the percent of profit is about the same, finding more expensive items to station trade would be preferable.

An example is buying and selling resources like pyrite, you will be able to buy and sell the same items in the same station for a profit, though it will be slim in most cases (last check a profit of .22 a unit), however if you specialize in more expensive items you will get about the same percentage returned but more isk per trade. Be careful when you trade expensive items they will buy and sell slower which while profitable means that you have a low turnover of those items. This can be particularly troubling if the items start falling in price because you will not be able to offload them and could take a large financial hit.It is a trade off because you want a high turnover and a high profit as well, generally that is found with items that are worth a few million each and nothing too expensive or too cheap.

When looking for items to station trade I recommend making a spreadsheet and factoring in all the costs I.E. Broker fee’s, selling fees, etc. Then input your buy and sell and make sure you are making a profit, this is also a great way to find out which products give the most profit. Then focus on the items that you do not have to update every five minutes otherwise you’ll have to baby those orders and spend more time updating then making money. The name of the game is high turnover with little effort, this will not only net you a lot of profit, but it will give you the ability to do something besides updating market orders all day.

As a note to all Types of trading there is some risk and most of the work required should be done before you even start trading. Research is key to any successful market operations and that includes trial and error when buying and selling goods. Sometimes the only way to find a decent profit is to experiment and find what works for you.

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