Planetside 2 Heavy Assault Guide

Today I will be discussing how you should use heavy assault to dominate the enemy and what certifications you will need. Players should expect to spend around 2111 cert points to get a good fit with their heavy assault.


The one thing that I have not mention yet is the medical kit that is available for all classes, however I really think it is just needed for this class when you are going door to door in a small base fight. I would recommend level 3 (300 certs) and you can use it for any class if you need it elsewhere. With the ability slot all heavies should cert into adrenaline shield level 4 (1350 certs) it is extremely useful when fighting players. It gives shield HP for each kill you make, and makes a huge difference even if you only get a kill or two. For the suit slot it is necessary to get level 4 (261 certs) or 5 nanoweave-armor, this will give you a slight advantage when fighting opponents.

Con GrenadeNow this is the one class that everyone should cert into the concussion grenade (200 certs). The grenade stuns all enemies and is highly effective when in a room full of troops, just be aware that it does not bounce so when it hits the wall or a friendly who walks in front of you it stuns instantly. Heavies are great for clearing the point in close combat situations. Getting a shotgun and a stun grenade you can clear a point out with little effort and secure it with little help. Now just imagine how effective this can be when in an organized squad.

The heavy class is the only class than can use rockets, not including maxes obviously, so it is important to have different load-outs for different play styles of heavy assault. Remember there are rockets for locking on to air, ground, both, and then specialty rockets so carrying the right rocket launcher for the job is important. These should also correspond to your primary weapon as well; it might not be the best idea to have a shotgun with a rocket that locks on air only. Typically the Decimator is the rocket of choice for close combat as it does the most damage but only has dumb fire mode (no lock on). The good thing about the Deci is that it is common pool so if you spend station cash all your characters will get access to it, even if you like to play another faction.

Remember heavies have a shield ability that absorbs damage and can be very useful when that grenade lands next to your, or when there is an angry max chasing you down. This ability should really be saved for combat situations where you know you will be in trouble because if its dark out and you turn it on you light up like a Christmas tree and everyone will try to take you down. It is useful indoors but keep in mind even when it doesn’t take damage the shield degrades so try to use it only when necessary.

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