Basic Infiltrator Guide PS2

I’ll be talking about the Infiltrator today and how it can be used effectively on the battlefield. It will run you about 2300 cert points to fit a decent infiltrator out which is not ideal as this class needs more work from SOE.

InfiltratorI would recommend 3 levels of hacking (81 certs), it is cheap and it can be quite useful when time is important, and while there are two other levels I don’t think they are necessary at this time. When it comes to the recon device it is not that great but 3 levels (80) won’t cost you too much. The recon device shows moving enemies on the mini-map, but it still seems a bit buggy when in the battlefield. When it comes to the ability slot I lean towards hunter cloaking device level 5 (310 certs) because it regen’s your cloaking faster, while the nano-armor cloaking is nice, I have found that typically the regeneration of the cloak is what slows down infiltrators.

When it comes to the suit slot there is more play than usual but because it is a sniping class I recommend getting the ammunition belt level 4 (1250 certs). There have been to many times where I have run out of ammo without an engineer in sight. As with many of these classes grenades are up to the user, though I recommend you stick with the standard grenade as you will mostly be sniping.

BBIt is highly suggested that players cert into both proximity mines (600). These anti-infantry mines are extremely effective when placed in doorways on staircases, or even used to protect your flank while sniping. It is important that all snipers find a location that allows for plenty of targets while limiting the chances of being killed themselves. Some of the best examples of these places are on Indar using rocks to jump up on and snipe from, however there is usually only one way up, so place a mine there and anyone who follows you will either die, or let you know they are coming for you.

When it comes to hacking infiltrators still leave a lot to be desired especially when compared to the original Planetside. For those players who like to run shenanigans I do recommend going to a base or tower that has turrets and hacking them all. Then when a wounded aircraft or tank approaches you will be in the perfect place to kill them with little fuss. It is important to note that this does not work as well when there is a huge fight directly on top of the base because most of the turrets will go down before you can hack them.

Remember as an infiltrator your goal is to sneak around and snipe the opponents from behind. Once Planetside 2 gives this class a better role then there might be more too it, but primarily they are here to snipe, and on occasion hack a term or turret.

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