Basic Light Assault Guide-Planetside 2

Today I will address how Light Assault should operate and everything that will need to be certed into for the player to do their best. A good Light Assault should expect to spend around 2900 cert points.

Light Assault

When it comes to certifications for light assault you should get both Drifter Jets (1000certs) and Jump Jets (810 certs), those two are situational but both serve important uses. Typically you will use Jump Jets to get up on rocks and out maneuver an enemy. When it comes to the suit you should get nanoweave armor level 4 (211 certs) at least this allows you to get more health and live a little longer when attacking. Once again grenades are user preference though I would recommend the flash grenade (200 certs) because it stuns the enemies that might be hiding in a room, where the smoke grenade is better when advancing on foot. All light assault should get both levels of C4 (700 certs), it is vital to killing vehicles including AMS’.

Light assaults should really stick to using maneuverability and flanking to get their kills. Most opponents don’t bother looking up and you can use the jump jets to shoot the enemy troops from behind or climb a tower to ambush them when they are not ready. When you have the high ground it is best to drop down using drifter jets so that you can promote death from above without worrying about being seen. This also allows you to fly vast distances and secure points with little terrain interference. Remember this class is very good at flanking and out maneuvering opponents so be sure to use it regularly.

C4The greatest use of light assault comes when engaging an enemy AMS. Once you locate and AMS you will need to avoid the enemies that are spawning out of it. Typically this can be done from a tower using drifter jets and flying over the enemy as they are usually not looking up. You can however spawn at an alternate point and use the jump jets to get up on rocks and flank from behind where the AMS is, this is so that when you walk up to the AMS all the enemies are running in the other direction away from you which gives you a better chance of killing it. Once again I don’t generally suggest weapons for the class as each has its own role, however when engaging an AMS I would recommend using the Gauss Compact S with an under barrel grenade launcher so that you can drop the C4 and shoot two grenades to wound it bad enough that it will burn down in a few seconds.

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