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Every day this week I will be making an article on trading in eve-online. Know that in these articles I won’t really give specifics of what was traded, but I give a few examples of some of the items that were traded. I think that the player needs to find where the need is and make it their own because even if I were to hand out everything I know it wouldn’t make the player vested in their own success. Quite frankly if you don’t care to do the research then trading isn’t for you, because you will lose millions. The concept is very simple though when it comes to all types of trading buy low, sell high. Most people will tell you that’s how you can be successful in trading, but it also helps to do research.  I started with less than one hundred million and if I found out how to make isk anyone else could, but research is the only way you can be successful. Here are the most common ways to trade, Region-wide, Trade Routes, Contracts, Stations, and Speculation.

Here are some recommended skills you will need as well:


Trade – level 4 –Grants 16 market orders

Retail – level 5 – Grants an additional 40 market orders*

Wholesale – level 5 –Grants an additional 80 market orders*

Tycoon – Level 4 – Grants an additional 128 market orders*

Accounting – level 4 – Reduces transaction tax by 40%

Broker relations – level 4 – Reduces market fees by 20%

Margin Trading – level 4 – Reduces the money put in Escrow for market orders by around 70%

Day Trading- level 4 –Modify sell/buy orders remotely

*You don’t need to max the skills out to start trading, just work on getting them up so you have more market orders up and running.



These skills are really only needed for region wide trading:

Procurement- level 4 -Place Buy orders remotely

Marketing- level 4 – Place sell orders remotely

Region-wide trading is fairly simple, place an order for an item and pay just a penny more than the highest region wide buy order. I would advise this trading type for those new to trading with little startup money because it can get great profit but requires some time. For example if someone is buying robotics for 10,000isk region wide set your order to buy for 10,000.01. Note not to compete with orders that are for stations or one-two jumps out only region wide and 20/40 jump orders. Also you will not need to update the orders but every week or so as the competition is slim. As a trader you are not trying to make every dime you can, you are trying to make the most money you can with the least amount of investment. To really make region wide trading effective you have to realize that stuff bought in low-sec usually isn’t worth the time or risk of retrieving it, but that does not really matter. The name of the game is to buy items for thousands or millions less than they are worth and collect them every month or so to move and sell for pure profit.

The one example I can remember that I used to purchase were ECM modules. I could get them for 200 or so isk and I could refine them into minerals and sell them for 15,000 or more, and while that does not seem like much when you do that hundreds of times a day it can add up quite fast. I would recommend selling it in a major trading hub; though depending on the items it’s possible to make ten times as much selling it in the right place. You can sell it to buy orders for huge profits, but if the item has a huge demand I would recommend selling it outright each method has advantages and disadvantages. Selling to buy orders frees up cash and merchant slots for other items. It also means a player doesn’t have to watch their orders constantly to make sure they don’t get underbid and time is money. However the disadvantage is that the player gets less money for the goods which can potentially cut out millions in profit a trip.

Using this method with less than 200 buy orders I was banking around 1.1Billion profit a month. The problem with this method is that it can be time consuming going from station to station to move goods, and while the percentage of money made is high the overall money is relatively low. There is a slight work around for saving some time, which is now an available option in the game, sort your inventory by value using a third party app and only go to the places that have the highest money estimated value. Usually new players need cash flow which is why this can be useful and players don’t waste time going from station to station.

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