Basic Enginner Guide PS2




Today I will be discussing the Engineer and everything players should cert into and do to maximize experience. A basic engineer will fit with about 1600 certs, however I recommend for a higher fit that runs around 3450 certs for reasons explained below.


All engineers should cert their tool to level 5 (240 certs) at least because the max level is 500 certs and does not greatly improve repairing. They should however max out their ammunition package (810 certs).This is really crucial for good engineers because they have the ability to place 2 ammo packs one in their ability slot, and one from their utility slot, if they have one equipped. It is important to note that all engineers always have an ammo pack, simply press “B” when your ability turret is in your hand it and will change to an ammo pack. With the ability to place two separate ammo packs one engineer can supply all the ammo for two squads of advancing infantry. I do how recommend that you cert into both levels of tank mines and use that in your utility slot (300 certs) as vehicles are worth much more experience than resupplying.

When it comes to the suit selection there are really a few options and usually its users preference, however I recommend flak armor (211 certs) if you repair tanks in the field, and utility pouch (2100 certs) if you kill tanks in the field. Clearly getting level 4 utility pouch is the expensive route but it gives players the ability to place 5 mines, and 4 bricks of C4, which are roughly four kill zones for enemy vehicles. Note that due to a recent change C4 de-spawns on death, but having five mines still comes in hand to kill sunderers.

When it comes to grenades there isn’t much of a choice either the standard ones or the sticky grenades. If you plan on killing sunders I would recommend the sticky grenades, all you have to do is place your mines (2 with no mine guard, all with mine guard) and throw the sticky grenade where they are, which will detonate the mines and hopefully kill the sunderer.

Tank Mine When placing mines on an AMS make sure to place them underneath it and identify if it has a mine-guard or not, if it does you will see a slim metal sheet running under the carriage, if you don’t see it then there is no guard. AMS’ only take two mines to die without a mine-guard, but with one it could take much more, so when you see one just drop all the mines you have. Once you place the mines drop a sticky grenade on them to detonate them, or shoot them with your rifle.

When placing mines in front of a soon to be enemy tank column don’t rush to place them in the road, instead place them in narrow passes on the road, or on the grass if that is a clear shortcut that the enemies frequently take. You would be amazed at how many drivers leave the road and think they are safe just to be killed by two mines in the middle of an open field. Remember people are lazy and will take the shortest route to their next objective, use this to place your mines accordingly.

Ammo packWhen placing ammo packs keep in mind players don’t want to be exposed when getting ammo so keep them behind a hill or some kind of cover. Also you won’t need to constantly move the ammo pack around with max level it has a large range that most players are able to resupply from with little effort from the engineer.

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