Basic Medic Guide PS2


This week I will be making a daily post about each class in planetside 2 and what players should cert into and do to become better with them. Today I’ll be discussing the medic and what is needed to be good with this class. Medic is one of the hardest classes to become really good at. It requires almost 1200 cert points if you want to be one of the best.


In order to be a good medic you should level your med tool to the max level, this makes sure those you revive stay alive and keeps your exposure to enemy’s to a minimum  (690 certs). It is also important for you to level your medic ability slot (nano-regen); Max level is not necessary, but it is relatively cheap to fully cert up (291 certs). When it comes to armor it is really user’s preference though I would recommend nanoweave armor because it gives you more health which you can self-heal during a fight. You could fully cert it but the last level is 1000 points so level four should be sufficient (211 certs).

When it comes to the grenade it’s not really a choice, all medics should have the revive grenade. You will run into situations where there are more dead friendlies then live ones and that grenade will revive them quicker than trying to do so manually. Remember though when you use the grenade you will need to heal them once they revive and if there are more than five use your medic ability to AOE heal them.

A medic’s goal is to stay alive so you can revive those who die in combat. This means that when you are alone you should make sure to clear the area before reviving a player because the last thing you want to do is to attempt a revive to get shot instead. Contrary to popular belief medics should be the last ones to enter a building in an assault. This is so the medics are able to revive those that are dead first, and fight second, all the while staying alive themselves. I know that those who die are on the front line and medics tend to wander up there to revive them but that leads me to the next paragraph.

As a medic you should not revive someone who is clearly going to be killed when they accept their revive. I know a lot of players will revive no matter what because if someone is stupid enough to accept it then why not do it, but really good medics should avoid reviving those who are CLEARLY in danger.

Keeping these techniques in mind you should be a fairly good medic and a happy addition to any squad. This is just a basic medic guide and I may publish a more detailed on in the future but this should get any player on the right start.

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