The Crown

I have been asked many times why I love The Crown and it is not a difficult question to answer. I will start by pointing out an essential part of the crown, if you make a move to take the crown do so when you outnumber the enemy troops and abandon it if you lose the forward spawn. The rule players tend to ignore is leaving the crown when they lose the points and a decent spawn. Without a spawn you are screwed and if the spawn is lost then odds are there are as many if not more enemy’s then there are friendlies.

The crown is a pivotal territory to own because the flow of the Indar leads to the crown. This was more evident in the early months of Planetside2 when whoever took Zurvan, Crossroads/T.I. Alloys, or the Palisade would go straight for the crown. Now though most factions have learned to steer clear of The Crown and try to avoid fighting for it. Everyone knows it’s a huge fortress that is difficult to take even when you outnumber the opponents.

The first reason the Crown rocks, it allows defenders to get thousands of experience from the enemy troops and vehicles trying to go up hill. Second reason, even when outnumber 3:1 defenders are able to hold and repel the enemy troops. Like many other players I too play this game to get kills and have fun, and there are only a handful of places where this can be done for hours at a time. I will note there are other places that constantly get fights and can be a lot of fun to defend, but those places can be over-run quicker than the Crown. The Crown allows defenders to repel attacks for hours on end gaining good experience and hold the territory when it is said and done, which is a huge morale booster.

Now often players state the when a faction holds the crown they lose every other territory. I won’t even dispute the fact that usually the remaining territory is lost. However something players seem to forget is that territory is only TODAY, while Cert points are FOREVER. Territory makes little difference in the actual game, it does restrict how many vehicles you can pull and the equipment that is used, however it doesn’t matter when you can go to other continents to get those resources. The cert points gained can be used to improve your current weapons and become more efficient when dealing with the enemy.

Another common excuse is that the other faction will capture the continent and get a resource discount. First, the resources saved (10%) don’t mean much because most players get more resources than they need anyway and 10% isn’t really going to do anything. Secondly as long as there is one territory held by another faction it will not be conquered. Holding the crown actually helps a faction deny the benefit of a continent because it is so difficult to take.

I am fully aware that some players judge their success on how much territory they own, but quite frankly if I wanted to watch a map slowly turn blue I would open Goggle Earth and MS Paint. Most players are here for one reason to kill, now I’m not obsessed with my K/D ratio, but when I’m just sitting around waiting for a capture I get easily bored.

Edit 6-13-13: New post about the changes to The Crown Here

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