GU08 Changes Announced!

SOE has released some of the weapon attachment changes we will be getting next patch. You can read about them Here. Edit: And Here And Here

Briefly looking at the changes they seem to be reasonable and attempt to bring all the guns attachments inline with the guns themselves so they can scale better. They have also made an attempt to balance the various classes of guns as well. But the only thing that will be certain at this point is that everyone will be whining about how this is a terrible idea.

Edit 5-1-13:

We will be getting buggies to run around with and they will be able to carry a max. Additionally we have new AV max weapons with similar abilities as the current non-max AV weapons. VS get a charge, TR get high velocity darts, and NC get a laser guided rocket. It appears that the VS have an accurate range of 500m while TR/NC only have 100m range. Though the most notable change is that the warp button will now be more reliable when trying to get into a queue, which is months overdue.


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